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Thursday, 22 June 2017

New Tool

Hi Everyone 
I'm sharing the necklace (almost) that I made yesterday. This is my final Kumihimo sample, although I do half a plan to develop earrings using the Kumihimo technique - will report here on the blog when so have something to share.

The necklace braid has a variety of beads combined in a random pattern. I simply changed the bead when I felt I'd like a 'change' in the threading stage. The result is a very pretty 'look'. I need to add some form of clasp and will do that today. I'm looking forward to wearing the necklace and think it will be a good length for many of my dresses and tops I have. I tend not to wear a necklace very often but I think this one maybe an exception .

My other job today will be some work on the Fabric Bracelet Project (see background here). I've acquired a new tool to help with the job - amongst other projects in the planning. The new tool is a Bias Tape maker. 

If you are not sure what Bias tape is - take a look here for more information. I have owned a similar tool before but this one seems easier to use and comes in four different sizes. My idea is to create a neat and easy tape with folded edges in a fabric of choice - rather than using a limited range of plain colours (usually the only Bias Binding tape available). The process starts with a long length of fabric, cut to a specific width and on the bias. The length of fabric is fed into the tool and both sides are folded (within the tool) to produce the tape. As the tape appears from the tool, it's ironed into a permanent neat tape.
My plan for the tape (in this project) is to use the tape as a type of ribbon rather than a binding fabric, although I may use this approach too.
I'll post my results when I have something to share.

Thanks for calling in today.