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Monday, 5 December 2011

'The Angel' in the sunshine

Hi anyone
at last the snow has arrived here - not too much but enough to cover everywhere white this morning. Its very, very cold at the moment. Quite a leap from last week !!

I managed to be so busy with extra orders over the weekend that I did'nt get to post anything. As usual lots of family stuff too over most weekends. We did manage to go and see The Angel of The North (close up) its an amazing thing. I've seen it from the A1 for years but never up close - the boys have been asking to go for ages. You can see the scale of the thing when you see the boys at the bottom - its huge. Anyway, I took some pictures and am inspired to do something - I think a painting - from the visit.

There is a strange 'ethereal' feel from standing at the bottom of the site and the light around is wonderful. Its an experience I will remember. We only stayed a short time but it was a good idea to go. I took loads of pictures and the weather looks fantastic. The sun was so bright.
Big thank you again, to all the folks who have bought my stuff recently - I'm almost sold out of everything - there are a few items in the Folksy shop but thats probably it - for Christmas sales. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest too.
Am trying quite hard to get my own house decorations ready for the weekend when we will formally dress the house. Need to clean it a bit before putting up the stuff - not a good thought !!!
Am also going to indulge myself with painting over Christmas - I've put painting time on my Wish List and am asking for time as my present ! - new approach - lets see how it goes !
Bye for now