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Friday, 9 December 2011

Upcycled tags

Hi anyone
weather has calmed today - its a bright sky and a little damp but generally looks good.
One of my jobs for a few days now, has been to sort the tags for my boys presents. Last year, I recycled some old cards for the job
Christmas 2010 tags

and decided to do the same this year with different images. I've chosen cards that the boys favoured from last years batch and made some adjustments to size and shape but have upcycled again. I've put them together in a picture form of DIY to show what I did.
basic equipment plus a computer/scan
How to :  First. I cropped the image with scissors,scanned into my computer - bit more adjustment of the images, added the name. Pasted into a page and printed. Quick cut up, punch a hole in the tag and thread with coloured thick cotton thread. Thats it for the basic tag.

It took me about 10 mins to get the first ones out and I have printed a few more sheets (for those extra presents I will buy, even though I don't intend too !!!).
basic version of the 2011 tags
Josh tag

Ben tag
Most paper and wrapping is not valued by my kids - so this is an ideal way of quickly and cheaply providing lots of individual, personalised tags. Any art could be used with this method and lots of extra embellishing could go on - I may add to this basic tag but essentially its a great way of producing personalised wrap items.
You could print onto larger paper and use as gift wrap paper, I will be doing this too.

Bye for now.