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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tags and 'bits of tags'

Hi anyone
its a bright day today - started rather damp/rainy but now it looks great outside - probably cold - not been out yet but looks good so far.
I spent much of last night re-wrapping stuff for a school fair tomorrow. All I need now is some tags which will add a bit of colour to the wrapped stuff - its all donated things and in desperate need of some 'prettying up' to make attractive enough to buy !! Quite a challenge on a budget. However, looking amongst some very old stuff in my studio - I came across tags or rather bits of 'tags to be'.
bit of 'tags to be'
 These bits of tags must be 4-5 years old and were semi-developed for a similar christmas school fair. My studio is full of things like this - I do need a good clear out. However, am so glad I did'nt clear out before I found these - the find will save me time in terms of design decisions more  than working time. I often find I do much better(efficiency wise) if I have very few materials.
these are my favourite

this is the box I found with the tag bits in it

In addition to saving me time - in some ways this approach goes with the spirit of the fair and appeals to my From Scratch  ethos ! Gives me a good feeling too - I do like the 'make do and mend' approach (sometimes).
Here are a few pics of the basic bits - will get them together in their finished form - lets see if I can keep to the basics I have here. Will post a final picture later today.
I need to go and pick up some stuff and make and decorate christmas cupcakes !!! - just what I need !!!! but my eldest child has asked several times for decorated cup cakes (he will sell them at the fair) - will make him do a bit of decorating too. Will show them here tomorrow.

Bye for now

Here is the final picture of the 'developed' tags - all ready to go

developed tags dressed and ready to go
I think they look OK - considering how old the bits are and I did keep to my word and only use the stuff from the box (other than adding glue and the thread.

Back tomorrow.