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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Little boxes

Hi anyone
its a lovely day today - bit colder than of late but sunny and bright.
I have 'sort of ' dressed my Advent table - needs a bit more work but I remembered the chocolates and the boys were pleased with my choice. Day started OK - always a huge relief.

 Here are a few pics of the whole thing - showing the development. Very minor in the scheme of things but there you are -
just the advent tree and a few christmas things
Father Christmas has been in storage all year but he's back to introduce the Christmas Advent table.
the boys have these little boxes as their advent activity

 The tree and the little boxes - I painted these boxes about 5 years ago and they are still going strong, they have green tops and the boys names are on each box (in an attempt to stop any fighting about who has which box).
Each box double's up as a storage thing and a display shelf. Inside the box, I have a lego themed mini display (just about fits ontop of the box when complete). I can't quite remember exactly what the actual model turns into. Fortunately, the boys can't remember either. Up until the last day ie Christmas Day they build something from the bricks - they usually make much better (imagination - wise) models than the intended. On the last day they get to see/use the sheet showing how to make the model - so build it all again ! Such is the way of 'lego' - its brilliant.

I do like the simple, low key box. Of course, the boys would really like one of those cardboard/ chocolate/ themed things but I won't budge on this one. So they put up with my choice (only a few moans) and the chocolate sweets are much better quality - sometimes they get two or three chcocolates when I need to bribe.


little day counters

This is the view from last night - pre 1st day - with the first chocolate  intact.

Well must go and do some Christmas shopping - I'm almost in full panic - I've got lots of work going on and very little of my own Christmas done

Day 1 and counting

Bye for now