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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Happy Christmas and next .........

Hi everyone
Happy Christmas to you all. I've not found any space over the last few days (anywhere near my computer) so have missed my daily blogging. We had a lovely time - quite relaxing for the first time since the kids were born. Spent time chatting and sitting around. Much too much eating/drinking.Weather has been so mild - amazing ! We all had a walk on the beach yesterday - thats how warm it was !! got a few pictures - will try and get them up later (cant get access to my normal photo downloader). Also cant quite believe how quickly the days have gone by.
I have a range of lovely gifts just waiting to get used. Must get planning to find some time to do this. My brother bought me the Kirsty Allsopp craft book - I enjoyed watching the TV programme and mentioned a few of the projects on the blog - remember the paper ring ? I especially like a felted Robin - can't wait to try.
As usual all the weeks of planning and preparing have passed into memory - almost as if its not happened at all ! Time now to look forward to the New Year.
Not sure what we will do later. I need to start thinking about new stock and ideas for the shops. I do have a few ideas but need more thinking.

Will updare with a few links and pictures later

Bye for now