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Monday, 19 December 2011

Russian display at last !!!!!!

Hi everybody
weather is so cold - very frosty !!! I'm also very late in my posting -  been busy with family things all weekend and almost caught up with orders today.
new Russian Christmas display plus cards
Been catching up with my changeover of the Russian Christmas stuff and almost there with family and close friends cards.

I've also made some sweet mince (3 hours in the oven !) for our christmas mince pies - we usually make the pies on Christmas Eve (listening to Christmas carols/songs) and eat some straight from the oven - the boys have helped from being very little and will still do it this year (I hope !)
Tomorrow, we are having coffee with friends and then icing our christmas cake - the boys found some additional new animals for the cake . Should supplement a very 'tired' range of characters. Will post a picture when decoration complete.
new'friends' for the cake
Well - thats it for today. Hope to be back earlier tomorrow.
Bye for now.