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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Feel pretty to 'be in' !!

Hi everyone
today is a very dreary day - rain and cold and very dark - the forecasts are for mega storms ! schools closed etc not so far from here !! - am optomistic that we will be OK !
My house is a complete mess - needs some tlc today - still wanting to get some stuff sorted for my own christmas wrapping so will share later.
On a more important note - I developed the Russian Christmas theme to compliment my own space (in the house) because the Christmas Wood didnt quite do it.
Russian Christmas

Christmas Wood
Now, I'm not sure if I can take the Christmas Wood away ? - its 'bedded in' somehow. I guess, its the difference between something more or less sophisticated !!! This idea reminds me of the Kirstie Allsop christmas offer on TV last night Homemade Christmas (worth a look if you havent seen it). She tends to favour the 'mix up look' rather than any co ordinating thing - eclectic seems to be the word here. I'm still struggling with it - I dont want to create a shop display but I do like things to feel nice and to look nice. In my few moments of sitting looking around with a coffee, I do get great pleasure from noticing an element of my surroundings which make me smile and feel pretty to 'be in'. Sounds like a thought for the day ie feel pretty to 'be in'. On that note - I will get on and see what happens. Will share the outcome tomorrow.

Bye for now