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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hope and practice !!

Hi everyone
weather much warmer today - bit damp but very mild.
Been to a friends party today and done loads of shopping for food ! - Can't find the words ro describe how much I dislike food shopping - had to be done ! especially for Christmas and a few days after. I think its almost there. Perhaps, a small list of items over the next few days but that should be it.
Did'nt manage to make my wreath last night, aiming for tonight.

In my quest to be inspired for crochet, I've found another lovely,delicate example of what I want to achieve - here it is  (above) - just right for the linen thread I mentioned yesterday. Wish I was better skilled for the job. Practice, I think, will make it possible !!
I had limited time in the house today - what with parties and shopping- but I did manage to put marzipan on my Christmas cake. Tomorrow, the boys and I will ice the cake. Maybe, I will have some pretty pictures of our efforts and our Christmas decorated house ! I live in hope - everyday !

Bye for now