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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Crocheting dreams !!!

Hi anyone
weather very 'wintry' but no snow - bit damp as its later in the day. Early this morning , it was frosty - looked magical.
We have been having lunch with friends today, the boys had a great time together and I talked to my best friend about 'life as we know it' ! What a lovely few hours.
Now, however - I need to get going - food/tidy and some creative things (I hope) I want to make an indoor wreath to make our eating area pretty - will get some pictures to share, if/when this happens.
I'm also thinking about new stuff for the shops - what do people need over the christmas break ? I'm staying open - I've sold out of Christmas stuff. I need a plan........
On another tack completely, I noticed a little note on a Twitter feed talking about crochet. I did have a go with crocheting last summer and had an element of success. Its about finding something to make which I like enough and that will make me persevere  until I get it PERFECT ! I like this pretty necklace - may have a go. One of my presents (on the WISH LIST) is some fine,pink thread/linen -perfect for this project.
Crochet is also quite a feature in the new Mollie Makes mag more crochet advice . Whenever I read about crocheting - there seems to be an assumption that its easy - I find it quite a challenge. I can knit OK but crocheting is another thing altogether. I'm determined to get it - somehow !!

Think thats about it for today.
Bye for now