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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cup cakes and snowmen !

Hi anyone
todays it looks at bit like snow could happen ? - damp and coldish ! Very grey sky !
Busy, busy - today is our school Christmas Fair and the kids are doing lots of christmas related games/sales things. Amongst the chaos of last night we managed to get 12 decorated christmas cupcakes

best snowman award

They look great as a group - not sure what  the damage will be when they actually get there - we will see.....
The boys had been to the pantomine with school and it was a late finish last night - the wind was quite scary - always makes for a drama - lots of things blowing about on the road. However, we made home OK to get baking and much quieter today.

Also have a christmas party with scouts/cubs later this evening so needed to get a few small thank you gifts together - even managed this ?

mini thank you gift
I'm looking forward to a quiet few days organising our christmas at home - then school holidays on Friday. Am probably deluded in my thinking. I live in hope. Still dont have my Russian Christmas theme in place - must do it !

Bye for now