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Monday, 12 December 2011

PJ's anyone ?

Hi anyone
weather is horrid today !! Damp and cold - could snow any min. but it would be all wet snow and not lie - so no point - hope is does'nt.
Been busy this weekend with family things - sleepovers and rugby and carol services - also called in on some friends for coffee and started to put up Christmas decorations.
My house has been partially Christimasy with thepapersac stuff for a while but the kids don't think that counts. The trees are up but the place is a mess - lots of boxes everywhere. I had too many work orders this morning to tidy up. Thank you again to everyone that has ordered this year.

Anyway - took a few pictures of the boys advent models (here is the original posting of Advent ) to show their progress - nothing like the intented model but just as good or better - theres a way to go so who knows ? how it will turn out.
Also slight panic about christmas presents in the middle of it all - think I have most things but not sure !!! I was browsing (only 10mins) and came across some lovely pj's - for me ! What do you think ? Love their stuff - I would buy the whole shop if I could. Go to TOAST and check them out.
Must get on.
Bye for now.