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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Indoor wreaths and miseltoe.

Hi everyone
weather damp again !!! - still very mild. Not much like christmas - we need our christmas songs going instead !

Finally, managed to get the indoor wreath up last night - worked out OK -  colours are right and its the begining of my display. I used artifical ivy, bits of lime green sparkly berries/leaves and a few baubles with purple wired ribbon. All I did was tie these things in place (with thin metal wire) around a metal/twig round form.Now need to concentrate on making some more little 'sprigs' of the same materials ie pinks,greens,purples. I think, I will aim to dress the pictures and dangle my sprigs from window areas etc - not sure exactly what will turn out but I've a few hours to play. I've also got some miseltoe, so thought I would hang up a sprig on a light fitting. Am quite looking forward to this little activity.

My other efforts last night (did'nt get a picture to share - will do later) are simple plates of coloured baubles - I like this look and usually do it because its quick but I do like the simple (ish) look. I know its not a new invention but the baubles are new, so it looks different from last year.

Hope to get the cake done too. Its a race against time (as usual) but loads still to arrange. The sad fact is - its only me who cares what it looks like !!! All my family (I'm sure) are not that bothered !! In the end, it does'nt matter if nothing gets arranged (other than food appearing). But on Christmas Day, I want to look around and be able to smile about the various adornments. Such as life !

Bye for now