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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How to make my Christmas Gift Pockets

Hi anyone

weather is difficult to describe today - its been both sunny and bright as well as grey and damp - changed every time I moved around today - bit dark now !! Still, I have my Christmas Carols going in an attempt to get festive. Also been Christmas shopping - not my favourite activity ! Not sure what I have or need to get anymore !!
mini gift pockets

Also thought I would give a little DIY blog today. I've sold lots of these Gift Pockets this year and tend to use them for my own friends and family. Everyone comments on the gift packaging. They are so easy to make and they can lift a very modest gift, making it impressive. The size of the pocket is determined by the gift you need to put in it, so check first what you are going to put in it. The pocket is made from light card or strong paper, so only light gifts are suitable.
The first thing to do is get your stuff together :
materials needed to make the pockets

1) the card or paper you are using - here I've got a print of my Russian Christmas picture -approximately 14x17cms (I'm making a small pocket for some earrings which will be wrapped in tissue)
2)metal ruler
3)craft knife
5)paper string (you could use ribbon or any other string)
6) mini plastic stars (optional to match my artwork)
Having assembled your material/tools trim the card/paper to your chosen size (if you are not sure at this stage cut out a template from old newspaper and make a quck version for size).
 join the edge of the card with glue

Next glue the edge of the card/paper to make a circle - allow to bond.You can see the join in picture 1. The card is now in a circle shape
glue half the bottom edge of circle shape
When dry and secure - glue the bottom edge of the circle shape and glue together by flattening (keeping the join in the centre) - glue the botton edge of the paper/card.
 glue bottom edge and press securely together
another view of the glued bottom of the pocket (now at the top)

Press the edges together and again bond securely.

punch 2 sets of holes at the top (go through both edges - you have 4 holes)
 Using a paper punch (I use a fiskars hand punch) make two sets of holes at the other end.

open out the pocket after glueing and make this shape

Open out to make the triangle shape and use the string/ribbon to tie.
string is doubled back through the holes to make tight closure
tied and tagged pocket plus a star

I added a small star and a gift tag before threading into the gift pocket to make a firm closure

finished pockets

I also added one of my stars and a co ordinating tag from the Russian Christmas theme. There you are finished. Have a go - its very simple and does look effective. You can personalise with names and/or gift specific images. The options are endless.
Bye for now.