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Friday, 2 December 2011

Garland inspiration !

Hi anyone
I'm very late today getting my posting up - been busy doing volunteer work at school - prep for a christmas fair (happening next week) and christmas prep for myself - made some progress but 'a way to go' !!!!
The weather has been great today - cold (frosty this morning) but clear and bright.

 I was also hoping to get some more items in my Folksy Shop to sell - free listing today. However, the site was so busy and at the point I could spend time doing it - it was impossible to get anything in. Seems the server had a few issues. So, I only have one extra thing in there - will try and get a few more in this evening. As I was waiting, I noticed a few lovely items - the Folksy store is so much better than it used to be and looks fantastic.
'must buy' keys
  I particularly liked some little keys I found - been looking for similar keys for ages - to add to a particular picture I'm painting - am going to buy them.

Was also drawn to this broach - bit like the ring in a previous posting (from Kirsy Allsop TV programme)
Kirsty's rings


garland inspiration

Love the garland below - am so inspired to make a version of my own for Christmas - perhaps with music script ?

Bye for now.