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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Singing Angel Memories

Hi anyone
today its a complete weather change again - bright and some blue sky. A little cold but not bad for mid December !
Been adding a couple of items to the Folksy Shop - thats the last (I think) everything else has been sold. Take a look - the shop is listed on the left of this blog.
The School Fair (see yesterday blog) seemed to go well - like all these things mass panic for an hour or so but we seemed to make lots of funds for the School - great !  Well done to everyone who helped make it happen - especially our Chair (Allison). The little snowman cakes all sold very quickly.
Today, is to be the day ! Am aiming to get my Russian Christmas things up today - been talking about doing this for ages.

Russian Christmas

 Will post some pics tomorrow. My house is still a complete mess, so will tackle that too. If I manage all that I will find something inspiring to paint - am having withdrawl symptoms - have been so tied up with Christmas things that painting has been missed out of my life.

Singing Angel
Singing Angel tags
I had a lovely lunch with some friends on Tuesday and gave them both a Christmas card - developed from one of my paintings called Singing Angel - I was reminded how nice it is to see pictures that I know so well in other places ie not my studio and the surprise of seeing an image which I have spent so long thinking and working on. Above is a version of the paining I'm talking about - I don't have an exact picture of the cards but I also developed tags and the cards are similar.
Must get to the Russian Christmas.

Bye for now.