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Friday, 16 December 2011

Russian Christmas Bauble DIY

Hi anyone
Its actually snowing - very Christmassy - lightly but snowing (my boys will be thrilled).Not lying on the ground as such. Yet.
Russian Christmas with lists

without the lists

side view

All my plans for yesterday and the Russian Christmas needed a re schedule !!!! I did get the List It Tool up and the little Tealight but have a few more items to go. Time just ran out.


I need to do a Russian Christmas Bauble for my mini berry tree (you can just see the berry tree  in the picture below). I thought I would do a DIY on here to show how I make the bauble. So, will do that later today as a Part 2 of todays blog.
Bell Garland
Have sold another few items from my shop (Folksy). I only put them in as a last minute thing and within a few hours they had been sold. Amazing, thank you so much again to all my customers. The Bell Garland from A Christmas Wood Collection is also in there now. I was going to keep it but I would like to do a Russian Christmas one instead. So take a look before it goes !

Will be back later with Part 2

Bye for now
Part 2
Managed to get the bauble done earlier and have some pics to show the development. Its very easy and explains itself. Here are the stages by picture :

1)print 3 versions of the Russian House image

2)cut out the linked house shapes

4)fold and glue via the white flap
 3)score each seperate house shape
5)the three sided house shape

6)punch mini holes in each roof

7)thread with cotton + add mini star shape to each roof

8)tie the thread to bring roof tips together to form point

9)tie off the thread

10)hang the bauble on my mini tree

the finished bauble in the Russian Christmas scene
I now need to add to my Russian Christmas scene with more houses and cards. Have a go at making paper baubles with your favourite christmas images.

Bye for now.