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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Russian Christmas and Christmas Food Matters

Hi anyone
weather is lovely today - very cold and frosty but beautiful. Crisp with bright sunshine. Love this kind of cold weather (if I'm warm !).

Russian Christmas List It Tool - almost finished !
Been busy with the Russian Christmas (for my own decorations/wrap stuff) - its been on hold for about a week with other shop orders but now its had a little time, its coming on. Almost finished my List It Tool - this will replace the one which was on offer for a comment - still time anyone out there. Just leave a comment on this blog - the little box at the bottom - look for comment and click. Getting back to the Russian Christmas theme - also got the art sorted out for tags and gift cards etc. -they are 'under construction'  will get them sorted over the next few days.
materials for the gift pockets/tags

I may surprise myself and get organised !! Richard has also made me a range of little wooden buildings - I'm going to paint them (over Christmas hols) as a bit of a treat - am considering this as a portion of my Christmas painting gift (see yesterdays blog). Here is a snap shot of the little church building - I'm hoping for a street of individual blanks to make pretty - hint, hint (he does read this blog.) Thank you anyway for the three I have already.
see the little wooden church building here
Still much more to do for Christmas. However, I've done my christmas pudding - and am soaking the fruit for the cake - just need to get the Sweet Mince done - this makes me feel really organised when all ready. The kids like to ice the cake - bit of a messy affair but no problem. The boys like to eat little silver balls (meant to be on the cake)- they tend to drop them on the floor and then eat them because I, apparantly, say they are not safe to put on the cake. May try and get a few more little things for the top of the cake - we have some little figures and trees - had them for about 12 years and looking a bit tired - perhaps I can find something to add for this year.

Bye for now