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Monday, 26 March 2012

Altered books and more dresses

Hi Everyone
weather is lovely today - bright sunshine and feels very warm. Been warm all weekend. Love this kind of weather - living outside during the day - especially breakfast on the deck - magic !
Been busy with family things - kids sport mainly. Only one week and its school holiday - for two weeks. We are off on holiday (a few little holidays rolled into one) so will have some relax time and some interesting places to visit.

I'm having yet another big review of work. I will get it right in the end. This year is all about the process of developing thepapersac into what I hope it can be for the future. So, its OK to have this kind of review often (I do consider with each change -  have I made too many changes !). Its a considered tweak rather than a huge change in things. The production of the shop stuff is clouding things. My solution is to concentrate on one item (FOR SALE) but have five of them eg produce a print but have five variations. I passionately need individual things in the shop - each item must be different from the next. For example, with prints - I make changes  during the 'handfinishing phase' - often the handfinishing amounts to a 'alterations' in colour and/or highlighting, sometimes additional items/accessories are added. My plan is to concentrate on my painting and multi media techniques which will produce better quality pieces ie more interesting, creative and develop a variety of skills used to a higher level. Big idea ! Lets see how it goes.

Now for something more trivial -
Seen another lovely dress in Modcloth
Unfortunately, its out of stock. Love the colours and simplicity of the design.

I've also been thinking about my idea for a small book to hold the Miss Mitchell Story. There are lots of books out there showing how to make books. I've decided I'd like to 'alter' a book - very Miss Mitchell - so will get an old book to alter and make into a painting - to hang with the story inside. Watch this space.
I was inspired to choose this approach from a Kelly Rae Roberts book (I've had this for a long time) and often think about the image.
Its in this book - will get a photo from my book to share the idea later.

Not sure what today will bring but will aim to tidy my studio and my mind. Must get busy.

Bye for now.