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Friday, 9 March 2012

Lavender hearts and felted beginings !

Hi Everyone
bit dull today - could rain any minute. Light reasonable for photos - big positive !!
Its Fill Up Friday ( ie stock into my shops) again ....  time just speeds up every week. I'm a bit behind, so I have my collage but not all my items are completely ready for launching in the shops.

The collage photo was taken with my new 'thing' aka a tripod. I think its an improvement. I need to play more with different shots. I also need to play more with the camera phone - I discovered loads of extra things on it yesterday. The 'thing' is good and very versatile - I like it.

The Linen Heart is filled with lavender and I can smell is now - its lovely (like being in a garden) - the Felt Heart is definitely a pincushion (have made a needle case to match- its a bit basic so will design a better one) and works great. This was inspired by a little needle case project which came with MollieMakes some time ago. I have some pictures of the felt pincushion hanging it in different places while doing projects and the best place is round my neck (like a necklace) - just brilliant !

The Miss Mitchell Butterfly is my first go at a 'felted item' - its not finished - I am doing more wings and some beading on the middle body bit. The inspiration for this came from a Kirsty Allsopp project in her latest book
- look back I talked about here on this blog about Christmas time. Kirsty does a Robin in the book - I'd quite like to do a bird as well.

The other item is a Message Button - its quite large and could be 'just a button' but I have ideas of using it as a brooch and also the middle of a flower. I saw some fab fabric flowers yesterday with button 'middle's' - I love this idea. It reminded me of an article I read several years ago about making silk flowers.I remember being amazed at the 'Heath Robinson' approach the writer/crafter took when moulding fabric (into petals/flowers shapes) with anything she had to hand eg kitchen bowls/pingpong balls etc. Thought I should have a go - will share my project and results.
button centre's
Here are the flowers which inspired this idea - the original flower which took my attention was the snowdrop - its just lovely.

Well thats it for now - must get to the shop job. Its going to take me a few days to complete - more photos needed . I have loads of other home jobs to do.

Bye for now.