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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Doll Stories ?

Hi Everyone
weather is yet again lovely - a little cold but a wonderful blue sky and bright sunshine.

backround added to the wood base

Mary 'before' - will do an 'after'
Have managed to get some pictures of Mary Haversham - she has moved on a little and I'm hoping to do much more today - I am working on her eyes a little more (her makeup is not as good as it needs to be) and her image needs to be more integrated into the background. The background is a little like a fashion show scene - with some notion of a catwalk. I will add some more staging elements such as chairs and a chandalier (I think) - will see how it goes.

I also am working on an unfinished picture I did some time ago. Its called The Twins and is a little unsettling - there are messages of something 'not quite as it should be'. It could be a range of things ? - there will be a story !

The Twins

Bye for now