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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Custom fabric and tripods.

Hi Everyone
not sure about the weather today - could go either way ? Its a bit dampish 'underfoot' but the sky is mainly blue - fingers crossed !
I had a great surprise this morning - a Miss Mitchell fabric sale !!!! am so excited about this.
Miss Mitchell fabric
I need to do more designs for fabric. If you are interested - you can get it from an online shop (just type in Miss Mitchell in the fabric shop)  spoonflower  I have some myself. This picture shows a bit of my foot to give an idea of size. I still have't made anything with it - I like the idea of something to wear. Needs to be done !
tripod aka 'the thing' for my 'camera'
I also have a new thing to help with my photos. Regular readers will know of my frustrations taking reasonable photos of my stuff for the shops. I am using my phone (I know this is not ideal) but at the moment I don't know which 'real camera' would suit my needs - I don't want to buy an expensive item which does not do the job. So, in the meantime, I'm experimenting. I took this photo with one hand while sitting at a desk computer - not much space,poor lighting and no staging !! I will continue to call the equipment 'the thing' - I like it better than a tripod. Thought I might give it a name label. Not sure how it will work out so will play with it later. I need to upload for the shop tomorrow so ideal for a 'trial' in a real live situation.

Am a bit behind with my work menu this week - I've had a few disasters (mini) with cutting out fabric etc. this has delayed things out of proportion. Will get a collage here tomorrow as I did for last weeks shop fill friday to show my efforts. I have moved on with some paintingss and will do more in a moment - so a positive week on balance .
PS My item for today is a felted butterfly - may not be complete for the deadline !!!

Bye for now