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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fab frames and pretty hearts and more !

Hi Everyone
weather great yet again - bright and cold !
I managed some painting yesterday and have a new Miss Mitchell head - will get the dress organised today - Miss Haversham senior and the village have suffered (from being ignored !!!) - Big news -some frames arrived for Miss Mitchell - they are great and make the picture into lovely things. Pictures are better than words here - decide yourself . I'm pleased how they look.

frame is approx 28x39cm

frame size approx 13x17cm

Also spent some time looking for the nail varnish remover print project (as discussed yesterday) - no luck finding it but have found another which seems better here it is project tutorial - am definitely using this one.

Downton Abbey inspiration
Also inspired by a book offer from Amazon about Downton Abbey  - loved this series for all sorts of reasons - the whole thing was so well done and I feel there is a link with the imagary of some of my work with this period of history, especially the clothing and the mix of ornate flourishes/curls and textures - looking at some of the pictures - here they are I'm almost persuaded to buy the book - my birthday is coming soon !! In years gone by, I always used my birthday - the actual day to buy a book of my choice - a real indulgent book that I wouldnt normally buy. This could be it. I especially like the dress on the left and will use it to model the new Miss Mitchell dress today.

My papersac item for today is a linen heart - more 'folk style' than the rounded felt heart and, of course, filled with lavender. The idea is for the lavender smell as well as the pretty thing to see. The felt heart is much more a practical pin cushion (this is my considered conclusion after being a little disappointed with it (I talked about this on Monday). The story of Miss Mitchell (soon to be published) does have sewing and embroidery links - the butterflies story is all to do with embroidery - so it seems fitting to give Miss Mitchell a red heart pincushion.Looking at it again - I intend to have a needle case to add. I like the idea of  hanging the pincushion to hold pins/needles etc. mid sewing projects (when there is lots of clutter - even for the tidy person). This stops the pin cushion falling on the floor (happened to me all morning until I hung it up) and feels good to use. As I've used it myself today - I now need to make another one, I can't part with this one.
Must get on.
Bye for now.