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Thursday, 22 March 2012

MOO Cards and painting progress

Hi Everyone
weather is lovely today - bright sunshine and almost 'warm' - Hurrah !!

 Today, I'm trying to paint again - I managed some yesterday and although have made progress with all the paintings - still a way to go on all of them. Miss Haversham (Mary) is going well. I have blended the skirt into the painting and added colourful flowers. Next, the flowers need to be integrated into the painting and I need to get some 'people' on the chairs.

Mary Haversham with a boquet
But, the thepapersac village is not so good - I've 'lost it a little' and need to redo a 'trio' piece of work - I've tried to go with green as a main colour but its not working, Here is a before. I will do an 'after' to share - when the piece is showing improvements.

before @ thepapersac village
 I also started a new painting - just the very first images and colours going onto canvas. There are many more stages to go - will try and get a photo at each major stage to show progress. Here it is so far :
stage 1 of new painting

MOO Cards with Miss Burton

Also, very exciting - have taken order of 50 MOO cards - free offer via Folksy - they are great - what do you think ? I love them - the card is a lovely texture and the print very vibrant (despite my photo !)

Not sure what else will be done today - other than
I would like to get the Miss Mitchell Story published somehow ? I will get it into digital format today and will keep thinking about the best way forward. A little book would be nice - a summary. But, I would also like to get a childrens art book into it somehow - perhaps with some little projects to try with an adult or share with someone ? More thinking needed here. My imagination can run with this - I love applying ideas.

The Folksy Shop offer has suffered a little this week - will aim to do a double week update tomorrow ie 8 items to go into the shop. I need to get some little packaging going - decided against a box for the necklaces and am keeping with Gift Pockets/tissue. Here are the two necklaces again with their ribbons and beads.

Will get on and create.

Bye for now.