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Friday, 23 March 2012

The Twins and Miss Mitchell Necklaces

Hi Everyone
very dull today although mild again - I'm hoping the sun will shine later (its forcast).
Its Friday again ......... ! where has the week gone ? Its also Fill Up Day in the Folksy Shop. I failed to get things updated for last week so am promoting 8 items today. This weeks focus is on The Twins Painting and associated stuff. Here are a few images - I have a few cards ,some gift pockets and some tags. The two photos give a few views of all the items for this week.
The Twins stuff
 Will eventually get them in the shop for sale. You can contact me direct via this blog if you would like them earlier. At some point I will get the prints of the Twins in the shop too.

I've been (almost) buying a camera - eventually. Not exacxtly pressed the button yet but ..... ! The thing is, the photos from my phone (using the tripod) are so much better. I read all the time about people saying a tripod is the most important thing to improve their photos. This is so right. I can't quite believe the difference. I'm not saying I
take great photos but they are so much better than they were before using
The Twins stuff
the tripod.
Last weeks shop offer is here too (just for the record - I did say I would put it up today. last week it was all about frames with Miss Mitchell.
Frames Miss Mitchells
Miss Mitchell necklaces
I find getting the stuff in the shop very difficult because of the time it takes. My idea is that I have a bigger stock to give me some cushion for developing my new paintings. I think I need this to broaden the access to seeing my stuff. I've had another re think this morning and am considering having my printing done elsewhere - so much better and less time consuming  - could be economically sensible in the long run ? am still pondering. Its worth doing some initial research and projecting.

Need to get to work - enough time pondering for now.

Bye for now.