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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tilda dolls and how long can a birthday last ?

Hi Everyone
weather is looking good... again !!! We have had about a week of very good weather - over the last two days its been fabulous sunshine and very warm. Great.
I've been busy celebrating my birthday for the last few days. Thank you to everyone that sent a message - lovely to get these messages. Had a great day yesterday. The weather was brilliant and Richard and I spent a glorious time in a walled garden having  a very sophisticated lunch ! Lots of other treats and a 'the' very pretty - mustard (colour) lace dress arrived too (look back a few days for pictures) . Had a great time. I also visited a new shop (to me) and found a very helpful and inspiring place for fabric and ribbons etc. Its a shop called 'The Fat Quarter' online shop . I found my way there via an address in a Toni Finnigan book about Tilda Dolls.
my book about Tilda dolls
I'm always thinking about making my painted dolls into fabric dolls. Now, I think I know how I would like them to be. I bought some stuff and will start with making a Tilda doll (will try and follow the instructions - not easy for me !!) - then will try a few of my own dolls. This will be a hobby so will take some time. I'm still focussing my time on painting. Am so relaxed today ,can't get going at all. Will ease myself into the day. I feel in holiday mode.
some 'eye' work done

added an eye (by the bird)

eyes are much wider here

a new Miss Mitchell print
However, house things loom and I am going to paint some more today - will get the twins updated and Mary needs a bit of time too !

Will get a few 'side by side' photos of The Twins in the eye thing. I do feel the faces are more expresive with the new eyes. My whole approach (when designing the dolls) is developing into an emphasis on eyes and a relatively small body. I feel quite happy with this (at the moment). It gives a confidence to my 'style' - I think !
Also , a quck photo of a new Miss Mitchell print - for the shop. Will be doing more of these. I like the chunky wood block - the block will have a ribbon to hang.

I'm going to offer a personal message option too.

Musy get on.
Bye for now.