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Friday, 16 March 2012

Skirt Talk

Hi Everyoneits a bit cloudy and overcast today - sun is trying to peep through but ......................... ?

Another busy day with too many home things to do - so working at odd hours to get things done. I've given Mary Haversham a bit of a new face (makeup) this morning and she looks more awake - her eyes gave the appearance of having been in a fight (a week after) - with rather greenish bruising ! She still has this look in these pictures. She is also on the catwalk - eventually. Much more to go. She does have a skirt and its ready to wear but she does not have it on (in these photos).

I was'nt too sure about the 'skirt' but am warming to it. This idea I had ie the use of yellow lace for the skirt was inspired by a dress, the lace idea came very early in my planning for this paiting and I felt I wanted to make it work. We will see ..... ? As you can see the dress (from Marks and Spencer - initial inspiration) is now in a sale. Typical !!!

inspiration for Marys skirt
Working with skirt ideas, I was wondering what style I could use - if I made my Miss Mitchell original fabric print into a skirt. I've long been thinking about using the pattern from a flowery little number in my wardrobe - very simple gathered style with several elastic waist lines. The skirt sits low down on the hip - its very flattering. While pondering this,I came across another range of ideas in a web shop called Roobys- this russian doll print is so pretty. My Miss Mitchell fabric would need a flat panel in the centre front - to make sense of the picture of Miss Mitchell - another design challenge !

Here she is again (with my foot for scale !). I do have more fabric with lots of little Miss Mitchells - so the skirt idea is OK - I think ? But I would like the big picture taking centre stage. Will keep thinking on that one.
Its FILL UP FRIDAY again - this week I'm stocking the shop (see my Folksy Shop button on the left) with prints and some new frames. I have these ready to go but we will not be around to take any orders until Mon or Tues , so am delaying the update. Will get a collage of images later to share here.

Must go - we are off to Glasgow for the weekend. Am hoping I get lots of inspiration from out visit. Will share when  I get back.

Bye for now.

Am just adding a collage update - the little pics of Miss Mitchell are sample pictures for inserting in mini memory frames - am waiting until they dry - have sealed them before adding ribbon and making a necklace.
items for the shop - for sale next Tues