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Monday, 12 March 2012

Painting and 'Mary' win the day

Hi Everyone
weather is fantastic today - looks very bright from my window. Also lovely weekend weather - very warm yesterday even on the rugby pitch and later in the greenhouse planting herbs.
Have eventually put week 2 stuff in my Folksy shop (I have a button here on my blog - go take a look) - other than the felted butterfly - its not ready and not good enough to go in ! so will work on it ! You can see the week 2 collection on the Friday posting under this.
Had a major rethink about work on Friday and have 'mulled it over' this weekend. I'm satisfied its not a quick response to last week (I had so many mini problems with production). Anyway, am sure about my decision to focus my efforts on drawing and painting. I do have book committments so this area of work is included (the books are about the paintings) but I will make other things as 'a hobby' when/if I have time. Some items may find their way into the shops but generally I need to stick with what I do - and that is painting mixed media. I feel quite relieved now and much more in control of my work - not sure why I did'nt know this before ?
Miss Maversham (senior)
Will continue to look around and blog any interesting finds etc. will also keep some tags and small print cards stocked which come from the artwork. My first task is to review again - this time getting my paintings moved on. The Miss Haversham Senior will come first. She has been in the waiting for over a week now. Here she is before I move her on. I'm going to call her Mary Haversham (a tribute to Mary Portas).
 Well, with that major decision out there - I must get to Mary.

Bye for now