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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Miss Mitchel and Mary !

Hi Everyone
weather is Ok today- sunny and blue sky at times - bit 'breezy' too.
Have not been too well for a few days so work is running late. However, hope to get the stuff in the shops and have added to the Miss Mitchell necklaces project :

There are two necklaces, one using a beads/chiffon  and one with a silver chain. The pictures of Miss Mitchell are in two finishes - bronze and burnished silver. Both pictures are hand finished and sealed. I like them. They are quite large but hang long and are very light to wear.

I used this book (see photos) as inspiration - I have made a similar necklace before (for a friends birthday) and am going to add some chiffon ties to the beaded necklace, as in the book. The chiffon makes the look complete. I will make some cute little boxes (for the necklaces) - not sure exactly how to complete the boxes but something will inspire me. I loved making these necklaces - the Miss Mitchell character is so special to me, being able to wear her will be great.

More work on Mary is needed - by co incidence Mary Portas is on the radio now (talking about her Kinky Knickers TV show with Richard Bacon) - I must send a picture of 'Mary' to Mary - I need her help ! I have now decided to have more people in the Mary picture - sitting on the chairs in the audience. Will share later in the week.

Last weekend, we went to Glasgow and visited the Kelvingrove Museum - fabulous paintings (real Masters) - so inspiring ! Made me believe in myself more. Also lots of Remy Mackintosh stuff - loved the whole thing.
We also visited Linlithglow Palace - fab place - again so inspiring - I found these lovely little creatures that I'm going to paint.
Must get on and do some creating.
Bye for now