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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Miss Mitchell thoughts while painting.

Hi Everyone
weather report is a bit depressing today - very dull and no sunshine (yet ! - I'm ever hopeful).

Today, is definitely a painting day. I've been distracted by lots of things recently but am frustrated every time I see my unfinished paintings stacked up ready to go. Its been ages since I spent the whole day painiting - I will have to do some basic house things but the majority of my time will be painiting.

Have added a few beads to one of the Miss Mitchell necklaces and now they are ready. The only thing I need to do is the little boxes. They will have to wait until tomorrow.

Miss Mitchell on fabric
A fellow Miss Mitchell fan from the States has recently bought some Miss Mitchell fabric and was wondering about the story behind this character. (you too can buy her from spoonflower).
I do have some notes, produced some time ago, about Miss Mitchell and have been thinking how to develop her story - for others to share. The very first notion of Miss Mitchell came when a friend asked me to make a special personalised, 'leaving card'  for a teacher (called Miss Mitchell). I will have a photo somewhere ? must find it. I produced the card and at the same time was making a new painting which was to become Miss Mitchell. Some of the papers used in the original card found their way onto the canvas and Miss Mitchell had a name (some of the paper had her name on it). As time has passed, Miss Mitchell has become a key member of our family - albeit a fictional one.
I'm thinking of making a little handmade book to tell her story. Will ponder this during my day today. There are so many possibilities. All will become clear -at some point. Maybe it is today ?
possible presentation style ?
Must go and paint.
Bye for now.
possible contruction style ?