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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Make some flowers for thepapersac village

Hi Everyone
weather is lovely today - warmish and blue sky all day.

Just look at this how-to-make-simple-white-paper-flowers these flowers look fantastic and here is a colourful versionin the photo. I'm having a search on flower making techniques. I hope to link some flowers (that I make) with thepapersac village development.

Been busy with volunteer work all week and am way behind on my 'real job' - hoping to catch up tomorrow. I have some new photos of Miss Haversham but can't get them off the camera just now. I have made progress with the background and its working so far.
Have also spent some time this evening making thepapersac village a more cohesive idea ie all the houses and owners are identifed - I hope the village will grow but at the moment we have about 10 properties each linked with a character in one of my paintings. The plan (at the moment) is to draw a pen/ink drawings and a full colour paiting with all the houses scaled to each other. Ambitious but 'do able' - I think !

Must go and so tired.

Bye for now.