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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A dress for painting !

Hi Everyone
weather very dull today - could rain ! Bit disappointing after yesterday.
Today is more Mary Haversham's day - I hope she will get onto her wood base. I have identified some lovely papers which will form the basis of the background. I am begining to like this doll - she will deserve a house in the papersac village and am already designing (in my head) a very modern sort of place. Mary does not strike me as a traditional character - not sure what I can come up with but watch this space !
felted butterflies

Did a little more on the felted butterfly and am thinking of a large flower for the butterfly to sit on/in ? - I will do this in my spare time (what's that ?) so will take a while. Will show the progress of both the  felting and the flower making from scratch - hoping to make it into a tutorial which will find its way into one of the books. I saw this example of butterflies and quite liked the beading on them - so may go there with development.

I've also been looking for examples of flowers to compliment the butterfly and rather like the shape of the smaller image here. I  like the other flowers especially the faded colours and the shapes. I do love flowers generally. Will have a go at making some - for my own house.

The pink flowers are described as velvet and cost around £30 each - they are lovely.You can buy bthem from macculloch-wallis (from their online shop).

On the dress front - I've seen a lovely little dress called a

Painting Course Dress

from Modcloth -its my favourite of the day ! It instantly appealed to me. Need the weather to wear it outside for painting.I can but dream !!!

Must go,
Bye for now