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Monday, 5 March 2012

Fabric teacups and cropped leggings-update

Hi Everyone
the good weather has come back again - gone are the damp,grey skies and today we have blue and sunshine. Still a bit cold !
Had a very unproductive morning - did lots of home paperwork and now need to treat myself. Almost lunchtime but I've just seen the most wonderful thing - inspired me to make it - if/when I have a moment
( as if ?) 
Here it is - a fabric teacup and saucer - lovely. Its made by this seller on Etsy. Go take a look she has lots of different ones. I always like my coffee in a china teacup - this fabric one would be good for trinkets on my dressing table.

I've also been thinking about making some leggings (as described last week on this blog) I've found some fabric and will try to make a pattern as per the instructions. I fancy a pair of cropped lighter leggings to wear with summer short dresses. Will keep you informed.
Its Monday - so its a new thing for the shop. Todays item will be some Red felt hearts for Miss Mitchell. Am almost there. I did start last week on this project but needed to wait for some bits and pieces to complete the item. Will get a photo later and post. Will do this tomorrow. - pictures did not come our well. Need another review too.Have done this and come up with lots of new ideas - jewellery and another Miss Mitchell ! So many new ideas. My work menu needs to be sorted for the week.
Will be back later with updates.

Bye for now.