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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Blue and more blue.

Hi everyone
It's been raining here for lots of the night but now it looks like the rain is moving on - quite quickly (clouds are racing across the sky). It's definitely colder than of late.

Another busy day in store for me. I need to get to grips with some home jobs but am keen to move on a couple of art projects too. My Pebbles painting is underway, I want to get lots of different shades of my particular blue into the piece. Here it is, so far .. each little pebble and space will have their own shade of blue. I will mix the colours and grade them as I go.

The painting is inspired by a local artist - Rebecca Vincent. Her stuff is fantastic and much more detailed (and in different colours) but her work inspired me to use the 'layers' and the stripes. The Pebbles idea will help bring together my various jewellery designs ( and maybe inspire some more). Ive incorporated many of the patterns (in the painting) into aspects of the jewellery design. Here are a few photos of elements in the collection. I'm not sure which way around the patterns have been used in each element of work. Some of the lines appear in the jewellery first. I like this idea of connecting the design/artistic inspiration in different disciplines.

Ive been wearing the rings to check how they work in 'everyday' situations. I am pleased to say, they work very well and stand up to a fair degree of abuse.

Alongside the jewellery and pebbles painting, Ive developed a simple surface pattern for my little packaging ideas. This photo makes the 'blue' look a bit dark - it's a brighter tone (in good light).

I'm hoping this striped pattern will give me a good basis for the little envelope/gift packs. It does combine quite well with the Pebbles painting. There is a hint of 'denim' in the design. I like this and am now thinking how I can get this 'denim' idea into the jewellery.

Must get on.
Bye for today.