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Friday, 18 October 2013

Who is Geoffrey ?

Hi everyone
Yesterday turned out lovely, lots of warm sunshine all afternoon. Today, ....
it's warmish again but lots of cloud and a bit gloomy.
Not much to share this morning, there was a teacher strike yesterday and the boys had a day off school. We decided to have a picnic lunch at Wallington Hall (a National Trust property nearby). We had a lovely time. However, no work happened !!!
I have all the elements of my sample Christmas card and the ideas for embellishments needed to support kits, still need to work with the samples (if you remember, I had printer issues !) A practice session (with the kits) will take place next Wednesday to make any final adjustments.
I did have chance to develop some more tags for my latest jewellery collections. Here are the initial tag designs, I'm not sure if they will stay as they are but I will produce these designs into Tags for consideration.

I need one more to make my '5' collection. I think it will be something to do with 'spots'. I intend to make a new painting with 'spots'.
Other news - on my list for today was another batch of beads (in navy). I hope to find a few hours over the weekend to get these new beads underway.
This afternoon is a Fun Run @ my little boys school and I'm off to do some volunteer stuff, so not much time today. The theme of the run is Bedtime Stories - most of the children have interpreted this as wearing 'wonsies' - with a theme. Our theme is a gorilla (he is called Geoffrey) and appears in a story. We have made a little book cover of the story as a prop. I will take a photo if I get the chance.
Must get on with my card sample.
Have a great weekend. Bye for now.