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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Breaking news !

Hi everyone
today is not turning out brilliant, weather wise. Ive been out for a run and it was fine - quite warm. Now it's started to rain ! Looks determined to rain more too.

My efforts to get my feather packaging up and running have come to a sudden halt. I like the feather image. Here it is again, but ......... ?

I'm going to do another photo with the bigger oval shape included and I'm using the image to add to a hanging tab for the top of a see through bag. Now Ive made the decision - I will get these finished today. I have the current batch sold (great news) but will make some more.

More breaking news, I'm also going to make another bracelet this morning to wear today. I have a blouse which always causes me problems when choosing a bracelet - the colours somehow need something different ie from those in my collection. I will share what comes out tomorrow.

Moving on, Ive got the initial small Christmas card designs ready for printing too. The kits should be ready by next Monday and in the shops - wow ! Ive chosen simple basic images and am going to develop a range of embellishment packs to mix and match. I'm making samples for each so will share here first.

Ive just put the clay oven on to bake my recent Fimo experiments. It's always a bit of an anxious time for me. In the past, Ive burnt my clay (not for ages) but I still hover and feel relieved when they come out. Fingers crossed 'all will be well'. I can then develop and move on the designs. Quite excited about the Fimo work. I have high hopes.

Bye for today.