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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Only Blue ....... and ....

Hi everyone
It's a poor day today, weather wise. Pity, we have so much going on this weekend (starting today) which depends on 'the weather' !! Such as life ! - mentally I'm searching for the right kit ?

Moving on ..... I did manage a few things from my list yesterday. I added to the pebbles painting. Here it is now - a before and after photo. Unfortunately - app will not upload pictures.

I think I may leave it there for my surface pattern design stage. I like the idea of adding some 3d stuff but I need a 'simple-ish' design for the gift pocket paper (the initial point of the painting).

The paper beads have also had some treatment and again, I don't want to overdo the bead so may add more clear polymer for sealing and start preparing to the design of the necklace and bracelet. Here is a quick look :
and again - will. to load pics.
One of my other jobs (yesterday) was to organise my current jewellery collection and decide on where I'm going with it. Ive called it 'Only Blue' - this is not strictly true as I'm adding silver bits and some whites but the central idea is about 'blue'. Ive also decided on the number '5' as a good number of elements for each bit of the collection. My aim is to have 5 elements and 5 items within each element - hope you can follow that ! This gives me a good solid structure to work towards. I do things 'from scratch' and only once so this becomes a body of work and I move on. It's taken me a long time to come to this idea and I'm very happy with it. I now have a mind set which keeps me focused. So, day by day I will be revealing what I develop.

I'm ultra busy today - may not get much work done. It will need to be a 'thinking' day !

Have a great weekend. Bye until next week.