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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Heat sealing and gilding ?

Hi everyone
It's a bit foggy this morning .... and a little colder than it could be ! The leaves in my garden - look a little 'droopy' - lovely 'look' and making me think of new jewellery shapes !

Talking about jewellery - Ive eventually got going with a new Fimo batch. The ideas are simple but I want to experiment with texture and heat sealing paint after the 'first bake'. I also keep promising myself some experiments with gilding - today is the day ! I had thought it was yesterday but it didn't get onto my list. So, 'today' is the day. Here is a quick peak at some of the batch.

I'm working on some new shapes and have drawn these templates to work from :

The idea is to layer, thin Fimo pieces and make some silver ear wires (myself) with silver wire and hammers ! I want to texture and paint the layers - in my colour of the moment - BLUE. The earrings will be quite small and each layer should work with each other to form new combinations. I like the idea of being able to mix and match colours.

I'm also working on the 'pebble' idea and making more beads to add to the collection. Ive made a label using the pebbles painting. Here it is :

I want to develop the pebbles design into other colours too and maybe add textures. I will learn from my experiments today about the painting element. Ive read about possible techniques and will try out some processes on the current batch. The gilding thing is always there in my mind - not sure why ?but I think it's going to be brilliant.

My work schedule has always given me huge problems - I'm full of ideas and plans (usually way off - in terms of realism !). In response, I'm working on a way of managing my time. I have the number 5 as the number of tasks on my work list each day. It's an aspiration to achieve all 5 tasks. If I don't get there , the undone task(s) moves onto the next day. Yesterday, I managed only 4 but I'm thrilled with that - it's progress. It seems to confirm an element of realism in my planning ! The task that didn't happen was a sample kit for a card workshop. This has moved to the top of the list. I should have the sample to share tomorrow. Somehow, if my '5 list' gets done, I feel I'm on track. It's uncanny how certain jobs keep getting left undone. I guess this process allows the undone jobs to be analysed and perhaps reassessed. The 'gilding job' is in this category. I think it's about just giving the technique a name rather than thinking through the process and the implications, mainly because I don't have experience of the processes involved. My lesson (to myself) here is to be detailed in my planning, as well as moving each undone task up the list. Whatever is at the top of the list is the first job of the next day. I will report on this one, tomorrow !!!!

On that note.
Bye for today.