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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

'Stitched Postcard Swap' News.

Hi everyone
the weather has turned very wet ...... although, the forecast suggests much brighter weather is coming this afternoon. Great.
Ive just finished my contribution to the 'Stitched Postcard Swap' for this year. The theme is CELEBRATE. Take a look at the site for background on this project.Link here.the general idea is to make a little piece of art using some stitching. People sign up and a swap partner is arranged. A deadline is given with the posting details of your partner.
The deadline for sending to a swap partner is tomorrow ! So, I'm done on time (just). I had my ideas up and running ages ago and almost had my little piece of art finished very quickly, then, I remembered I hadn't actually finished .... panic for about an hour yesterday and it's all OK and ready to go.
I want to post photos here and on the project site and then will pop my postcard in the post. It's going to the States. Here it is :

Will share my swap when I get it. I did this project last year and have enjoyed the project again. Ive used one of my original paintings 'The Twins'. Ive 'hand' finished a postcard size print of my card (love doing that). The idea is to add some stitching and so Ive combined machine stitch on two sides of the card and hand stitched a butterfly with some stitched bits on the girls flowers. On the reverse Ive created some painted butterfly's and chosen words to celebrate the materials Ive used in the project.

Ive also added a postmark image to link the postcard idea. The writing on the front is 'Celebrate Interdependence', a play on the twin idea along with an idea of the natural dependence of nature and evolving beauty ie butterflies and flowers and the girls. The girls are also implying something about beauty and shape which (I hope) provokes interested thoughts. The two sides of the postcard are linked by suggesting ART is part of this natural, dependent and evolving cycle. All very 'cerebral' but I do believe there is something in these ideas.
Moving on ..... not much else to report today. I had hoped to get some of the jewellery collections moved on but ...... didnt happen. I am washing for England - much more to go. Read yesterday for details on this washing issue, I can't bear to think or write about it again.
I am planning to do some of the gilding later. I'm very excited about this. Hopefully there will be lots to report tomorrow.
Bye for now.