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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Earring Chat

Hi everyone
Another bright and sunny morning - lovely from the window. BUT, I believe it's going to get cold ! Ugh !

Today, I have a really long list of jobs ! - I need to give each a score of importance and stick to it ! I'm doing a bit of volunteer work - early this morning and then it's back to the list. I managed a few things into the Folksy shop (yesterday) and Ive completed some stuff that had been waiting for minor packaging (approximately 5/6 items) but I have much more to go. Check out the Folksy shop to see what's gone in. My recent jewellery 'makes' also need packaging. I did get the Only Blue underway. Here is a quick peak.

I like the blue feather paper so will stick with it, as you can see Ive developed the little label too.
Moving on ..... the Fimo stuff is developing into finished items. I need to polish these earrings and package. These are part of a range called Pebbles and I had an idea to make a painting for a surface pattern design for this paper packaging. This painting is my major aim of the day. Here are the earrings, so far .....

I like the look and they work well to wear. When I get a photographer, I will wear them and share how they look. Ive made a pair for myself and one to sell. I only want to make individual pieces - each piece in my collections will be unique and I need to keep this central to what I do.

The job list is about 10 jobs long but if I get these few completed I will feel very satisfied. After all, my deadline for the list is Friday. Say no more.

Bye for today.