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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Gilding for the blue beads !

what a lovely bright morning with lots of blue sky. It's definitely Autumn but it's warmish.

I'm still a bit 'under the weather', so I'm limiting my job lists again (in theory). I managed to bake my pebbles stuff from yesterday.

The collection seems to look the same as before it was baked but the colour has changed a little, it is now robust. I did imagine it would be squished any I minute ! My favourite ring is this one :

Not a brilliant photo - I am building a range of photos with outfits where a photographer is taking the photos, so this is just a quick snap.

This is another favourite ! I'm pleased how they all came out and am developing some other stuff today using some of the baked beads. My main idea is to add gilding to this particular jewellery - Ive not had any experience of doing this - so who knows what will turn out !

Another thing I wanted to share is this amazing print - my 'little big boy' (now very 'big') did this at a school open day last week. He is an 'old boy' from the school and arranged to meet me while I was doing some volunteer work. I couldn't find him for a while until there he was fully engaged in a workshop in the art room (designed to demonstrate working techniques to prospective parents). Not sure how he 'blagged' his way into the action but the result is this very impressive print - from scratch ! So proud of his effort - wish I had done it.

I'm not sure this photo gives the true picture, here is a closer look at some detail.

We need to get it up for general appreciation in our home.

Moving on - my major task today is to complete some paper beads I started yesterday. I need something to compliment blue striped outfits and have come up with this idea :

I'm going to get some white ink plus a seal of polymer varnish on these paper beads and I think I need some white beads plus dark navy beads to develop a design. I do have darkish blue but may need to make some navy beads - perhaps I will go for Fimo. Will report on my progress tomorrow.

The packaging issue moves on - not resolved but I'm hopeful today is the day to finish it. My list as usual gets longer by the second. However, being realistic, most of the task are finishing off stuff rather then big jobs. On that note, I need to get on.

Bye for today.