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Friday, 4 October 2013

Pretty Packets

Hi everyone
Not sure what the weather will do today ? The forecast suggests light showers and warmish. The sky is saying 'rain' !

Yesterday, I spent much of the day and evening doing volunteer things at one of our schools. I did a little work on my packaging but only half completed the task. I did try out my initial idea of little packets. Here they are so far.

The tag needs some work to fit with the packet. At the moment it's a gift tag, for the item to work as a tag for the label I need to decorate differently and add customer information.

I like the idea of using the shape upside down - without the thread. Perhaps a staple will hold the tag in place. The size seems to be working Ok.

I think there needs to be a way of seeing inside the packets, my idea is to get a window in the packet. I do want to keep the design simple for making mass packets and although a cello bag would be good - I like the pretty paper idea better. Will need to do more experiments. Perhaps, I can combine the two. The colours of these packets are not right for the Only Blue range. I will make them BLUE today. I like the idea of making a surface pattern design for the packets and am going to develop a square pattern in blue, hopefully it will be good enough to use. I also like the tab top thing and can see this design working well.

On another matter, my kids are both involved in different scouting things over the weekend. I need to prepare and possibly shop for their kit today - there will be battles this evening getting them to pack properly ! So, not much time for me and work today. Such as life. On the bright side, the kids will have a great time and Richard and I will have a day out on Saturday doing something just for us. The downside will be dealing with the washing and 'de-packing' on Sunday !!! There's always a 'payment' for any treat !

Hope you have a great weekend.

Bye for now.