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Thursday, 17 October 2013

The show must go on ...........

Hi everyone
Wonderful, the weather is a little brighter today? For some reason, I want the sun to shine everyday - the sun is almost shining and I'm hopeful.

I made great progress yesterday and I think all my 5 tasks had some 'action'. I was going great with a Christmas card sample (for a soon to be class) and then .... a major printer problem. There was a 'noise' and I knew it was serious. The ink movement 'slider' (not sure of technical term ?) is stuck. The printer thinks it has a blockage ! - there is no blockage. To cut a long story, I was able to use a second printer - not ideal. The print quality is not so good but it will be OK for the sample. I need a new printer. The offending item has almost been 'binned' several times. This time, I think it's got to go. However, the show must go on.... so, later today we will have samples of the card (this will also be a kit and available in the shops).

I also managed the much talked about 'gilding' technique. I'm learning ! - my initial experiments are good, so far. I know I can go further. My ideas are flowing. The gilding process is difficult to understand (initially). I'm being very careful in the handling of the silver leaf and I'm still not sure how durable the end result will be. I love the transformation of the Fimo with the silver and the blue.

I don't think the photo give's the extent of the transformation here. Having left the pieces overnight, I'm still not convinced the silver is totally secure on the Fimo. Perhaps, I need to redo bits of it ? Will decide later. I'm very happy with the experiment, I know it's got more 'mileage' !

The other experiment from yesterday is painting Fimo for further 'heat baking'. Here is my sample :

I will do another layer of paint on the reverse (second photo) but I like the way the blue acrylic defines the scratches on the Fimo earrings. My aim is to add the silver bits to these bits with my handcrafted silver ear hooks. Here is an idea of how it will look (minus the hooks).

The next photo shows a range of beads (from the same 'bake') which will form a necklace. I will use a navy cotton thread (I think).

The larger, thinner beads have come out really well, I will definitely work on producing more of these in various shades of blue.

Must get on with my next '5'.

Bye for today.