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Monday, 21 October 2013

Card Making 'from scratch'

Hi everyone
The weather is a bit damp today but it's warm again (for October !). There are clouds but quite light and the general 'feel' of the morning is good. The sun is 'peeping' through - wonderful.

We had a busy weekend ! Lovely but no beads made (I had a 'loose' hope that I could find a few hours over the weekend !) However, today is the day. My '5' for today will include some navy beads, more work on my Christmas card kits, jewellery labels and some supplies to source. I also need to get some little invites and posters ready for my workshops. That's more than enough for one week. The kids have another 4 day week this week. Friday is a holiday and we will be preparing a week away over half term. I'm looking forward to our holiday so need to get all my jobs done in 4 days rather than my usual 5.

My main focus for the beginning of the week is my card kit/ workshop. I have a couple of designs which are OK but I need to make some alterations to the print. I will do that as my first job today. Here is a peak of the design to date.

The process of producing this workshop has been relatively easy but it includes complete new designs 'from scratch'. The card images have been worked from a few sketches. I want to include this design process in my workshop so as to help the workshop people to develop their own designs and apply to the basic card building technique. I also want to include designs which need extra work or need to eliminate any mistakes (to show how the development takes place). My workshop is aiming to combine the skills required to repeat the card making and apply the techniques to everyone's own designs. In this way the workshop is the start of applying the technique to lots of different card options ie both size and images as well as personalisation techniques. Some people consider they can't draw a design but hopefully these designs will persuade them they can. After the workshop, people will know how to make a card for any occasion. The key to producing a beautiful card fit for any occasion is 'practice' and 'more practice' !

Must get to it.

Bye for today.