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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cooking with Fimo

Hi from thepapersac
The day has started quite wet and very dark - things can only get better !
Busy, busy today - loads of things happening which need to be done at specific times. Since working from home, this is the single most stressful activity in my world. I find, having to be somewhere at a specific time is 'out of proportion stressful'. I always get there in time - but much too early and always end up wasting time getting ready too soon ? I must work on it.
However, here we are today and Ive made it half way down my '5' list and it's only Tuesday. Wow !
I now have a little poster and invite organised for the forthcoming Christmas card making workshops. Lots of interest and hopefully quite a few workshops. I'm considering doing some little 'house party workshops' - a few people have asked about this idea. Here is a look at what's happening in the workshops. This particular workshop is a fundraising thing for a local scout group.

The gap around the picture is for extra information added later (to explain that this event is supporting the scout group in a fund raiser activity) - as I look at it, I feel the need to move the picture.
More news - the silver earring hoops are developing too. Ive been putting off trying to make the silver earring hooks for some time. I think, I was worried about spoiling the silver or not being able to make a suitable hook. What have I been thinking ? - it's very easy and very rewarding. Making a silver hook really lifts the earring and makes it so much more individual than buying one, the hooks look and feel great. I am thrilled. More finishing to go on the earring - but I like the way it's going. Here is a quick look.

The second photo shows the hook after hammering. I love it. I love the earrings too. I want to keep them for myself.
I managed a little bit of bead making last night. The navy beads are underway. Ive baked one set and this is another batch.

I'm going for a similar shape to my previous stuff and hope to mix and match the different shades of blue.
I will aim to do some more earring hooks today - I'm not sure exactly how many I need ? Each one will need to be custom made for each pair of earrings so the collection will need to be finalised as I go. Packaging is ready too. It's a great feeling to be ahead of myself with work (temporarily of course) ! I'm working towards a deadline of 1/12/13 for a small exhibition of work with the True Blue jewellery collection. I want to photograph the collection for publicity and have plenty time to add pieces if needed.
Must get another Fimo batch in the oven !
Bye for today