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Monday, 14 October 2013

Paperbead Necklace and other things ...

Hi everyone
It's Monday again ....... Weather looks quite stormy - dark clouds racing across the sky but ...... its quite mild ! Difficult to predict how the day will turn out.

We had a lovely weekend, so busy - everyone doing different things which involved loads of packing and different schedules. However, all went well and the house is now full of washing and 'things' (everywhere) - all waiting for me to sort. Guess what I'm doing today ?

Anyway, amongst all the devastation, Ive done a bit of jewellery development.

Some of the elements in the photo are pieces from last week - Ive organised and added to the collection. Ive added necklaces and bracelets by using some of the Fimo beads and paper beads as well as some 'noodle' beads (quite long,hollow,silver spacer beads). I want to make some of these noodle beads from Fimo to link with the collections.
Not sure how this will work yet ? I'm hopeful I can do it.

The collection is not quite there yet and I will aim to complete this week. My magic number of '5' will be my guide ie 5 collections, 5 bits of each element and 5 elements. All this adds up to quite a few items ! I'm regretting this plan already ! Ive got names for each of the collections so all will become clear (over the week). I hope to share each whole collection when they are ready.

My favourite from this lot (above) is the paperbead necklace. The paper beads need some more work and will be re threaded but I like the feel of the necklace and it fits perfectly with my 'striped' bead idea (to match striped outfits). Here is a closer look :

I need to make loads more ! The different materials add great texture to the necklace.

After the trauma of the photo uploading (from Friday) - I think Ive resolved the problem ! Here's hoping anyway.

One of the things I'm looking forward to, this week is gilding. I'm very new to this technique and Im not sure how I will use it and how it will turn out but I think it's going to be 'brilliant'. Ever the optomistic !!

On that note, bye for today.