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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Navy Earrings have arrived

Hi from thepapersac
It's dark again and raining hard - very depressing weather. I need to cheer my mood with something today ! Will think of something ?
Yesterday, went OK - not sure how I managed to fit everything in ? .... I'm glad the day has gone and I can take a deep breath and move on. While charging around, I still managed to acquire a number of very nice scarves at one of the fund raising events. I have lots of scarves and didn't need anymore but they are very pretty. I will possibly offer one of them as a future raffle ....... maybe ? Here they are :

I also managed to wear a pair of the newly made navy earrings with their silver handmade hooks. Fabulous !

I like the size and the simple design suited my outfit. I usually find drop earrings are too big but these felt great. I will add some more texture to the others in the batch and experiment with some paint. Generally, the navy batch has worked well. Here is a look at the earring range.

I want to sell some of the range and have an idea for a new display. My husband needs to make it - he doesn't know yet !!! I hope the display will be a good prop for photo taking too. The design is based on this photo frame.

This is a photo of my 'big boy' when he was a baby- he is now much bigger than me ! The display item will be made of wood and have a flat front (rather than the space for the photo) with 9 pegs for hanging the jewellery. The item will stand via this peg system in the next photo. In this frame the peg can be removed to allow for hanging. I like this idea and will adopt the same with the display. I plan to paint the display white - I think 'white' will work well with most things.

Another job for today is to make more hooks for the navy earrings - each will need to be designed for each pair of earrings. This job will take me a while. I'm new to the 'hook' making technique and although my first attempt has gone well, I'm still learning.
Bye for today.