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Friday, 25 October 2013

Navy beads are 'growing'

Hi from thepapersac
I can give a very detailed weather report this morning from personal experience while on my morning run. It's RAINING and very 'soggy' underfoot. Not cold but lots of water pools everywhere. There's more wet pools than I can remember for many weeks. Still, a good run - I actually like running in the rain. Getting back home, wet and muddy is not so good. I don't much care for wet feet and there was no avoiding wet feet today ! Here is the evidence. My app has a new feature - photos opportunities while on the run ! I took this when I got back - not sure Im up to taking photos as well as running !

The reports suggest the rain will clear this afternoon, I'm not sure on that one ?

Anyway, back to my plans for today. The kids are at home (teacher training day) , it's the first day of half term holidays. We are off to Whitby next week. We take an annual trip to Whitby and although the weather can be tricky for being outdoors, I'm optimistic we will enjoy walking and wandering around the Moors. It's a great trip, we always do the same visits but tend to add a new activity each time. Last year we added a fish and chip meal in a particular restaurant - it's now 'tradition'. The restaurant looks out over the sea and at the Abbey - we will go in the evening to everything's lit up. Magic. I will try and get a photo this year.

Meanwhile, I'm working on finishing some navy Fimo jewellery and am almost there with the basic beads. Now, after some 'finishing' I need to be creative with putting them together and packaging them. I managed another surface pattern design for some packaging yesterday and a few more silver hooks. Here is a peak at progress

I'm so pleased with the silver hooks - made by me 'from scratch'.

The earrings are 'good' being just navy, I had thought I wanted to give them more texture with the addition of a lighter shade of blue layer ? I'm not so sure now ? I may try one set to experiment - not sure ?

This is my new surface pattern - my idea is to use it in lots of ways eg background for photos and printing paper, tags and possibly fabric. I like the idea of having some napkins of cushions with the 'inky spills' colours.

I particularly like these beads - I wanted them to look and feel like seed pods. Ive applied various shades of navy acrylic paint and baked them onto the clay. The result is a mat, smooth feel with some 'bumpy' bits - this was intentional but I may do a bit of sanding on some of them.

I like the idea of producing my own findings too - hooks and fastenings etc. so will definitely try and design something for a necklace and bracelet fastening. I need more beads - I may get chance later today ?

Well, that it for today and in fact for a whole week. I try to get a few photos up while we are away on our mini tours. Often the internet is not good enough ? I will try and see what happens. Have a great weekend. Will be back here 'a week Monday'.

Bye for today.