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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Plan C

Hi everyone
It's actually raining today - talk of it being 'persistent', even possible
flooding ! O dear ! - far cry from last weekend. Such as life.

I did get my 'blouse' jewellery completed from yesterday. I particularly like the way the bracelet turned out. It's quite loose and hangs very nicely. Here it is :

The necklace length also worked out well, often my necklaces (bought) are either a bit long of too short - this one is just right for the blouse. I'm going to wear my new jewellery again today, it's another outfit but I think it will work. Im hoping to develop a series of photos which link the jewellery with a few outfits to show the thinking around each design. I will develop a 'look book' style item when I have about 10/12 pieces to show.

My little packets for the jewellery didn't work very well. I'm on plan C now. My original drawings have now come back into my thinking.

This is my original sketch ( I did this on 20/9/13) - not sure why this didn't happen ? Will try this later. The basic tags (from yesterday) seem OK.

I don't think the blue background works as well as white or pale blue - will try out a few more samples to check. I have different styles and will decide on the final one when the packets are right.

I also needed to make a tag for a friends gift and ended up developing these little items. Ive made a few in several colours. I like the feel and the construction idea. I used to make a whole series of tags for sale and will do them again, based on this design. The centre of the flower has a little button as part of the design. It feels quite special with a 3d element. I think, there are many possibilities for this idea with buttons or beads/ charms and lots of images for Christmas.

That's it for today.