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Monday, 7 October 2013

Fimo Moulds and necklaces

Hi everyone
Today is looking good - the sky has lots of blue and it's quite mild again.

I'm struggling a bit with a mild virus and have a sore throat etc., so, I'm going to have an easy day and my only aim is to get my recent Fimo jewellery baked. For some reason this has not happened despite being on my list for several days !!! Today, is the day.

Along side the jewels, I want (this week) to make a simple mould from Fimo to make a key. I've not done this before but I will see how it goes. My inspiration is this photo from Pinterest

This shows how keys have been incorporated into jewellery. It's stunning stuff. My idea is to experiment with trying to get the 'metal look' from Fimo. I do have some metal charm keys which I could use but I want to be able to make longer, thinner, almost 'stretched' keys. I do have one such key but it would need adapting to include mini holes to attach within any jewellery design. I love the jewellery in the photo but it's a bit elaborate for me as 'everyday wear'. I do have an idea for something which could work. So, my other idea for today (a very simple gathering job) is to get some beads together to make up a new necklace.

This is a quick sketch of an idea. Within the design, I'm trying to create a simple shape to mimic metal so the mould idea is maybe the way to go ? The shape in my design is a diamond - you can see this on the left of the sketch. I'm not precious about the specific thin diamond shape, maybe the 'Fimo key' idea would work ? I think, I'm going to add to the Only Blue collection re colours for my design - I find blue compliments lots of my wardrobe.

Will share my results tomorrow.

Bye for today